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OK, Guys, this app has literally been my go to this year! With Glamsquad, glamerin’ up has never been easier. With a click of an app, Glamsquad sends over one of their fully trained stylists directly to your home or office, so beautiful hair and makeup are just one click away. They have style menus set up on the app if you’re in need of inspo, and you can just let your stylist know any other look you’re going for yourself. Set the date, time and location of your appointment and they’ll meet you. The app stores your credit card info and charges you a reasonable fee including tax and tip, so there’s no need to worry about cash and paying in person. All you have to do it relax and let their stylists take care of everything. They are always prompt and anytime between 6:30am and 9:30 pm, Glamsquad is on call!


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